Redwood Region Audubon Society

About Us

Mission, History, and Board

Our Mission: a) act to promote a wise, balanced, responsible, and ethical use of natural systems on a local, national, and global scale; and b) protect the biotic and abiotic components of local, national, and global natural systems.

The Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS) was founded in 1969. It is the northwestern California Chapter (encompassing Humboldt, Del Norte, and western Trinity County) of the National Audubon Society. This energetic community of conservation-minded people is active in many ways. RRAS is a volunteer, nonprofit organization with over 850 members that relies on the energy and commitment of those members to be a strong and effective local conservation organization.

RRAS is governed by a Board of Directors of between 9 and 13 members, who serve 2-year terms. Elections are held each January. It also has active committees that handle conservation, education, field trips, finance, membership, nominating, programs, publicity, and publications. View the Chapter Bylaws.

RRAS holds a seat on the Board of Directors of the Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC), founded in 1971. This nonprofit umbrella for a host of citizen activist groups has been at the forefront of every Klamath-Siskiyou regional environmental struggle for decades – from ancient redwoods, wild rivers, and recycling to toxics, energy, and endangered species.

View RRAS Contacts Below

President Hal Genger 499-0887
Vice President Chet Ogan 442-9353
Immed. Past President Jim Clark 445-8311
Secretary Adam Brown 826-0319
Treasurer Syn-dee Noel 442-8862

Jill Bluso Demers 667-6163
Ralph Bucher 443-6944
Joe Ceriani 476-9127
Harriet Hill 267-4055
Cindy Moyer 822-1886
Susan Penn 443-9660
C. J. Ralph 822-2015

Conservation Jim Clark 445-8311
Education/Scholarships Denise Seeger 444-2399
Field Trips Rob Fowler 839-3493
Finance Syn-dee Noel

Membership Susan Penn 443-9660
Nominating Jim Clark 445-8311
Programs Jared Wolfe 262-443-6866
Publications C. J. Ralph 822-2015
Publicity Harriet Hill & 267-4055
Gary Bloomfield 362-1226 (c)

Program Manager Jared Wolfe 262-443-6866
Historian John Hewston 822-5288
Lake Earl Branch Sue Calla 465-6191
NEC Representative C. J. Ralph
The Sandpiper Gary Bloomfield 822-0210
Jan Andersen

616-3888 (c)
Website Gatekeeper Susan Penn 443-9660
Website Programing Ralph Bucher 499-1247
Facebook Cindy Moyer 822-1886
Facebook Rob Fowler 839-3493
Field Notes Sean McAllister 496-8790
Volunteer Coordinator Susan Penn 443-9660
Arcata Marsh Walk Coordinator Ken Burton 499-1146
Northwest Califronia Bird Alert 822-LOON 822-5666
Northwest Califronia Bird Alert Administrator Elias Elias 633-8833
eBird Liaison Rob Fowler 839-3493
CBC Compilers      
Arcata Daryl Coldren 407-0793
Del Norte Alan Barron 465-8904
Willow Creek Daryl Coldren 407-0793
Centerville Sean McAllister 496-8790
Tall Trees Ken Burton 499-1146

** All phone numbers are area code 707, unless otherwise noted.