Because nobody’s perfect!

Throughout the book, "Gray Jay" refers to the species now called Canada Jay.

  • The reference to Appendix A on page 2 should be to Appendix C.

Route 1

  • The street labeled “Del Norte Street” on the map is really Hawthorne Street. Del Norte Street is just to the north, where hotspot 7 is, and not shown east of Broadway.

Route 13

  • Snow Camp Lake is on private property and it’s probably not a good idea to walk around it without permission.

Route 14

  • The road to Low Water Bridge (hotspot 10) is private and gated. Do not attempt to get there by road from the Humboldt County side, though it may be accessible on the Trinity County side.

Route 18 

  • King Range Rd is not part of the route and should not be shown in bold on the map.

Route 23

  • Don’t be misled by the photo of the Black-legged Kittiwake carrying nest material; this species does not breed here!

Route 24

  • The “Black Scoters” pictured on page 100 are actually Common Scoters (not found here).