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RRAS would like to thank all the volunteers whose dedication allows our chapter to function. From board members and committee chairs to field trip leaders, Sandpiper contributors, program speakers, and helpers at special events like Godwit Days, please know that you are greatly appreciated.

Following is a list of our helpers between November 2012 and October 2013: Julie Alderson, Jan Andersen, Mark & Melinda Bailey, Pat Bitton, Dawn Blake, Gary Bloomfield, Adam Brown, Ralph Bucher, Ken Burton, Sue Calla, Joe Ceriani, Jill Demers, Greg Chapman, Donna & Jim Clark, Daryl Coldren, Linda Doerflinger, David Fix, Rob Fowler, Gary Friedrichsen, Harry Fuller, Pia Gabriel, John Gaffin, Megan Garfinkle, Hal Genger, Will Goldenberg, Harriet Hill, Larry Karsteadt, Christine Keil, Tony Kurz, Laurie Lawrence, Sue & Tom Leskiw, Gary Lester, Ron LeValley, Sandra Lingle, Paul Lohse, Michael Morris, Moe Morrissette, Cindy Moyer, Syn-dee Noel, Judie & Lew Norton, Chet Ogan, Susan Penn, Karen Pope, Jude Power, CJ Ralph, Josée Rousseau, Gil & Mediha Saliba, David Scheerer, Jay Sooter, Matt Wachs, Ryan Wells, Carol Wilson, George Ziminsky.

The Sandpiper

Complete issues of The Sandpiper, from July 2006 to present, are available for download below.

Individual articles published between 1996 and 2006 can be found in our Archives. Archived aticles are grouped by year, author, and type. They include compiled articles from Field Notes, the President’s Column, Bird of the Month, Tom Leskiw's Columns, John Hewston's Chapter History, Announcements, and Miscellaneous Articles by various authors.

The Redwood Region Audubon Society currently publishes The Sandpiper six times per year.

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